You’ve seen these around – they pop up everywhere and instantly make a room look like it’s got its face on. We’re adding a little twist though: the neon ombre pom pom. Add a flash of neon to the inside of this bauble and it looks pastel pink with a zingy glowing centre, perfect for a pretty occasion with a little kick. They are really easy if you take it gently and although they take a while, they make a great impact.

Video and instructions below:


8-15 sheets of tissue paper

Spray paint

Some string

Scissors image

1. First spray paint each sheet of tissue paper with a wide stripe horizontally. It doesn’t need to be neat. Do this outside as it is messy and the fumes are pretty hectic. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do this on a windy day.


2. Hang the sheets to dry on a clothes rack for about 10 minutes.

3. Take between 8 and 12 sheets of tissue paper. For smaller pom poms use fewer sheets; for larger ones use more; for supersize ones try 15 sheets for a good dense pom pom.

4. Lay your sheets out on top of one another. Start at one end of the shorter side. Fold over all the sheets together to make an inch-deep fold.

5. Flip the sheets of tissue paper over and do the same on the other side – like a concertina fold.

6. Try to keep the folds directly over the previous one so your concertina folding stays tight and tidy. Flip the sheets over again and repeat the fold on the first side. Repeat the flip and fold until you are at the other end of the paper.

7. If there is some excess, trim it off with scissors.

8. Take a length of cotton and bind this around the middle of your concertina-folded tissue paper. Tie carefully and leave a length of cotton free for hanging your finished pom pom up.

9. Take strong scissors and gently cut a scallop at either end of the folded tissue. You can also cut the ends to a point for a different look.

10. At this point it gets a little tricky. It’s helpful to sit on the edge of a chair with your legs at right angles to you in order to use your knees to hold the folded up pom pom.

11. Insert one end of your folded sheets between your knees, so the other end is pointing up vertically.

12. Use your fingertips to gently tease out from one side the first layer of tissue paper from the concertina folds.

13. Try to tease outwards from the cotton binding and pull back the first layer so it fans right out. Then repeat this with the next layer and keep doing so until you have each of the concertina folds separated out on one side.

14. Go steadily and gently, and if the sheet tears, remove the torn section by tearing back up to the outside edge. Continue teasing the layers out very gently.

15. When they are all teased out, it will look like half a pom pom.

16. Carefully turn the pom pom over and rest the completed half gently in your lap. Repeat with the other side, teasing out each layer of tissue paper. When you’ve pulled all of them out, you will just need to tease and even up the layers so your pom pom is a good shape and the sections are evenly spaced out.

Photography, video & styling: Emma Scott-Child
Instructions: Ruth Howes