My friend Flavia says I was born a grandmother (n.b. I don’t even have children yet). Maybe it’s because I compulsively re-use everything until it dies – from posh paper bags’ handles (they make excellent wrapping ribbons) to foil. Or maybe because I love a Remington Fuzz Away – oh, yes, I do.
But, in truth, I suspect it’s because I have an obsession with teapots.

I like them and that’s it. Teapots are just awesome.
And I’m not even British.

I love how round and stodgy they are. Even when they look a bit fancier, teapots never pretend to do anything more than what they were intended to do in the first place. They are generous, honest objects. They always hold some love for you.

Most of us nowadays seem to pass straight from the kettle to the mug – bypassing the teapot ritual. But there’s something both reassuring and magical about waiting for the tea to brew in a designated pot and then pouring yourself a cup. When you fill a teapot with boiling hot water, time suspends, and for just a few seconds you are allowed to stop. Almost like calling ‘Time-out!’ on life and officially entering a moment for yourself, regardless of the score. A moment to breathe, relax and stretch.

A teapot immediately makes you think of cold sleet outside and wool socks inside. Of fireplaces and lazy afternoons in front of the TV. Of the time before or after the storm. A teapot makes you feel ‘settled’, ‘stationary’ – even if for just a few seconds. It’s a fat mum with hands covered in flour and a big smile. A ball of warmth. A big bosom to rest your head on. A place to hold your tears.

A teapot is something that makes you instantly feel at home.


Here are some of my favourites:









  1. Trape teapot by Kinto – white, 0.45L, £29.95.
  2. Oiva/Siirtolapuutarha teapot by Marimekko – white, black/räsymatto, 0.7L, £67.
  3. Enamel teapot by Noda Horo – orange, 1.5L, £55.
  4. Assam teapot by Bodum ­– glass and stainless steel, 1L, £33.
  5. Arare Modern teapot – red, 1.2L, £70.
  6. Small Korean teapot – aluminium w. red lid, 0.5L, £24.
  7. Japanese White Sakura teapot – 0.35L, ca. £30.
  8. Form teapot by Tom Dixon – spun brass and bakelite, £140.
  9. Stainless steel Indian teapot – 1.25L, £19.95.
  10. Japanese small black streaked teapot – 0.22L, ca. £40.

Photography & styling: Margherita Poggiali