Who’d have thunk it? We’ve been at this Ladyland caper for six whole months now (feel free to send bubbly and flowers!). So we’ve taken a few moments for reflection here at Ladyland HQ, and after much soul-searching, we present: The Ladyland Guide to How to Be a Lady*

1. Have a signature drink you can shake up at a moment’s notice – because every lady should have a good cocktail up her sleeve (and a fabulous cocktail umbrella too).

2. Indulge in big brunches regularly. When in doubt, just add chorizo.

3. Overindulged? Spend 15 minutes a day on some gentle maintenance to enable long-term brunching.

4. Always have a good book or film you can talk about passionately.

5. Got a love interest? Keep things romantical.

6. Lift your game when it comes to your smalls. You’ll feel fabulous, and always be ready in the event of #5.

7. Remember that one’s celebrity crush must be well over the legal age of consent (we’re looking at you, Harry Styles lovers). If your celeb crush begins with B and ends in -ber JUST. STOP.

8. Travel on your own – you can do it! Ditto for watching a movie and dining out solo (doesn’t count if you spend the whole time staring at your iPhone).

9. Acknowledge that any sweet little babies you have WILL turn on you. And have more children anyway.

10. Eat cake. We consider it one of the five major food groups.

11. Dabble in trends – but even better, know how to pull one off with zero effort (and cash).

12. Give props to your dad. You probably put him through hell. And be kind to your mum. Because you’re already turning into her.

13. Keep a few clever tips and tricks up your sleeve. Domestic Goddess? Moi?

14. Own the fact that you’re really into crochet. Or knitting. Or pom poms. Or brushes.

15. Do something bonkers with your hair/get a tattoo/get your nose re-pierced – even if you’re a 30-something mum and ‘should be’ settling down. You’ll look freaking awesome.

*Following the above advice is absolutely not guaranteed to render one ladylike. 

Photography: Emma Scott-Child