Please lord, no! Not another year of faking elation as you unwrap a spongy padded bra in the scratchiest of lace with accompanying cheese wire G-string. I mean, it’s not that we’re ungrateful or anything (okay, tiny bit), it’s just that we know what we like where lingerie is concerned. Enter the newest brand we’re coveting in Ladyland, Beija Flor. They make beautiful smalls for women of all shapes and sizes that any of us would be stoked to unwrap on the 14th February. Here’s what happened when we quizzed them on all things underwear related…

LL: Now that Barbie comes in all shapes and sizes, it feels like society is finally embracing the wonderful diversity of the female form. What inspired you to make certain styles for specific sizes?

BF: Our whole ethos is that your cup size doesn’t depict your style. The Beija Flor girl is stylish and modern and we wanted to make sure her lingerie matched that. We did lots of research into our customers, what they wore and expected, and designed accordingly. Within the same group of friends with similar lifestyles, there will be a spectrum of sizes with different requirements from their bras. The different styles, specific to their cup size, are integral to our brand identity. Within the ranges, all of the X, Y and Z bras can be paired with matching bottoms.

To explain a little further, our X category (dress size 8-12) fits our smaller-chested ladies. We really disagree with the trend to offer this customer push up, over done designs or basic teenager shapes. Our X category designs are a luxury to create. They feel modern in terms of their minimalism, but are so wearable and classy.

The Y category (B-D cup) offers shapes that are supportive but unfussy. A wire and uplift are important but fabrics can be lightweight and unlined as there isn’t a lot of weight in the cup. The Y lady is typically looking for non-pad styles that shape her breast naturally.

Z category (DD-G) needs support but she doesn’t want to be a pin up. She’s not into burlesque! We felt this woman was only being offered retro on one hand or frumpy on the other. It was our duty to make a slick collection for our Z girl − which makes up an enormous share of the UK market.


LL: With your smaller styles you’ve gone against the norm of upsizing with padding and push up styles. Was that a conscious decision?

BF: Totally. We design bras that we want to wear ourselves, and we are queens of comfort! Neither of us, nor our friends, wear cleavage-ey booster type styles. We make lingerie that represents you, and you’re at your best when you are comfortable in yourself. This is why we have the hashtag #beyoursize, it’s all you can be!

LL: How do you know you’re wearing the right size bra? Aside from going to see one of those chatty ladies in a department store?

BF: Us women all know how we like our bras to fit, and it’s really specific. We are currently developing the fit section on our website and in time plan to include a video tutorial on this. Apart from getting measured at a store, look at the size of the bra that you’re wearing most regularly. Some prefer their elastic tight whilst others hate to feel like their lingerie is ‘digging in.’ Fit is very personal and we encourage our customers to give us a call for advice. We’re targeting men for Valentines day with our ‘perfect gift’ campaign (email perfectgift@beijaflorlingerie.com for assistance), but this service is really intended to help the Beija Flor customer communicate with us so we can help find the perfect lingerie for her.


LL: After 2 pregnancies I’m conscious of my tummy, are high-rise 50s style briefs still on trend? (or if not, what do you suggest?)

BF: High-rise shapes are classically feminine. There is always a place for them, however skin is beautiful, even if it is soft and stripy. Beija Flor knicker shapes sit just above or on the hips and lower, that’s the aesthetic that we prefer at the moment. The Burnt Bridges brief and short are cut highest on the waist and look 90’s supermodel rather than 1950’s shape-wear. Saying that though, we recently made a bespoke retro pair of high-waisted tap shorts for our friend Whinnie Williams and might have changed our minds! We perfect our shapes so they flatter big and small bottoms. One of our designers lived in Brazil and insists that the less fabric covering the cheek, the smaller it looks!

LL: I hate lace, but most ‘sexy’ underwear is covered in it, what else can I buy for a special occasion?

BF: Lace is typically feminine, which some women just don’t connect with. Our For Keeps collection was designed specifically for this woman. Sexiness goes and in hand with feeling comfortable, you don’t feel sexy when you’re faking it. Burnt Bridges is another fab range for feeling ‘bossy’ in. It’s just so smart and structured you can’t help but feel powerful in it.

LL: Every image in your instagram feed is sexy and feminine, whether it’s an image of furniture or a great set of pins. What do you think it means to be sexy?

BF: Humour and happiness, confidence and comfort within ones self, the ability to find joy in life.


Sisters Abbie Miranda and Mazie Gardner are co-creators at Beija Flor Lingerie. Having grown up in the family lingerie business, Abbie and Mazie launched Beija Flor in January 2016, a new lingerie brand with a fresh take on celebrating your size. Strong in the belief that one style does not suit all, the debut collection is feminine, modern and fuss-free and provides three different bra styles made to flatter and give every woman confidence, whatever their cup size.