Manis and pedis are wasted on me – not once have I managed to apply polish without ruining the job within an hour. And the last time I indulged in a pedicure on holiday, I somehow managed to lose all the polish from one big toe while wandering around the local markets. I apologise to the poor soul who eventually purchased a pair of Moroccan slippers lined with mysterious streaks of purple.

But, in my fantasy life, I have perfectly polished nails – so I keep buying the stuff in hope. Plus, I’m a sucker for a free bottle of nails inc on a magazine. So what’s a girl who doesn’t wear polish but owns a ton of it to do?

Use it to update jewellery, of course. First up, I’m talking your inexpensive  baubles – never, ever, attempt this on grandma’s heirloom pieces (unless she left you with some awful rhinestones – nail polish looks surprisingly good on bedazzles). But take a few licks of polish, and you can turn a plain piece from Topshop into an enamelled trinket that, well, looks like it could have come from Anthropologie. High street upgrade!

It’s pretty simple, really. Add a base coat if you wish, to give the polish a bit more grip. Use some masking tape to protect areas you don’t want to get polish on, and use a cotton bud and regular nail polish remover to get rid of any mistakes. Sure, add a top coat if you’re feeling fancy.

And just like you’d paint your nails, apply layers of light coats to build colour, so your polish doesn’t get gunky. Leave it overnight to dry before wearing it.




Easy accessory update!

Photography & styling: Selina Altomonte