You’ve probably seen the proprietor of awesome Mother Pukka around the interwebs. With her campaign for flexible working, her balls-to-the-wall honesty and iconic wit, she’s getting shit done. We got together to make some placards for the upcoming Women’s March on London to shout about flexible working so employers will start to make working easier on families – and not lose talented staff in the process.

We got crafty, I showed her the wonders of the cable tie. I’ve also added how you can make this without using a broom handle as the stick and attaching it with cable ties, so you don’t need to get the hammer and nails out and you can put your handle back on your broom afterwards, to save you a trip to the hardware store.

Check out the video if you want to make one for yourself.
You can download the design here. ..and read all about the campaign here.
And if you’re in London on Saturday January 21st, get down to Grosvenor Square at midday and join us for the march!

  1. Some cardboard
  2. A piece of wood – or you could use the handle from your broom for the day
  3. Some cable ties – to avoid nailing into the stick
  4. A jaunty slogan. You could download our Flex Appeal design, or paint your own like I have below.