Here’s a little round-up of things we’ve found interesting on the web this week. We call it the Ladyloop. So if you’re looking for somewhere to begin your web wanderings, this is a good place to start each Wednesday…

Floor cushions? Check. Hanging planters? Check. Emma is working her way through Justina Blakeney’s list of 10 staples every boho home needs. Also… she really needs that green dresser.

“On the way home from the tip we’d stop in at the milk bar and buy some smokes for Mum and some firecrackers that we’d be allowed to set off after tea if we were good.” Selina is so in love with the writing at food + family blog and mag, Lunch Lady.

Clementine read this article on the curated middle class book shelves and other Oxfam woes. So true!

Bella spent her bank holiday wandering around the 1930s modernist home of architect Erno Goldfinger (creator of the infamous Trellick Tower) in Hampstead. Even better, it was free with her trusty National Art Pass.

After spending the weekend all over south London trying to track down the Cool Chile Company’s delicious corn tortillas (they are THE BEST) Kelly has realised she could have just bought them online…Obviously. If you love Mexican food then step away from the Old El Paso and try these.

Celia defies you to not get addicted to watching this little 3D printed, kinetic sculpture called Flux that plays with your eyes to create a moving optical illusion.

Image via The Jungalow