This is a pajaki (pronounced pie-yunky) – a Polish paper chandelier. Traditionally they are hung in Polish houses during winter to represent colourful spider webs which are often seen as good luck. I’m not sure I’m up for a house full of spiders but as far as decorations go, these are perfect for Christmas, and much prettier than tinsel – I think I’ll keep it up all year.

It’s actually very simple to make once you’ve cut out all the pieces. It doesn’t need to be perfect, so it’s easy to make an impact without being precise. The kids loved getting involved, threading the straws and scrunching the tissue paper into pom-poms.

I made this craft project in collaboration with Monsoon. Head to their blog to see the step by step instructions.

See my pajaki on the Monsoon blog here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Monsoon who gave us the lovely clothes we’re wearing in this post.
Photography and styling by me, Emma Scott-Child